Comprehensive medical information about the ella Pill.


How ella Works 

Pharmaceutical giant and ella manufacturer, HRA Pharma, proclaims that ella is a contraceptive drug which prevents unwanted pregnancy. However, the science behind the drug actually proves that ella is much more powerful than a mere contraceptive and can actually end the life a living human embryo.

There are 2 main mechanisms in how ella works:

  1. 1)ella blocks progesterone receptors in 3 areas

  1.     Progesterone is blocked at the level of endometrial glands (glands located in the uterus) and destroys the receptivity of the endometrium (inner uterine lining) prohibiting the human embryo from implanting.     

  2.     Destroys the corpus luteum granulose cells to produce progesterone. (The corpus luteum supports the human embryo which is implanted into the mother’s uterine wall for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.)

  1.     Progesterone receptors are blocked in the endometrial stromal tissue, destroying the maternal component of the placenta.

The last 2 progesterone blocking actions with ella are identical to those of the RU-486 pill, which is commonly referred to as the “abortion pill.”

  1. 2)The above mentioned progesterone receptor blockades directly interfere with the hormone action of progesterone to prepare the endometrium for implantation of the human embryo. (As soon as conception occurs, when the male sperm meets the female egg, the mother’s hormones are instantly released causing hormonal changes in the woman’s uterus.)

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