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Frequently Asked Questions about ella

What is the failure rate for ella?

Initial tests from the ella’s drug manufacturers, HRA Pharma, showed a 2% failure rate. The European Medicines Agency, which approved the drug in 2009, reported that proper studies were never conducted to see if there was any risks to the health of the fetus if the drug failed.

Is ella safe for me to take?

An European Medicines Agency (EMEA) review noted that the few studies that were actually conducted were grossly inadequate, only researching the effectiveness of the drug not the health risks to the mother.

In addition when ella’s manufacturer, HRA Pharma, performed clinical trials, the EMEA lowered or waived the usually required safety toxicology and pharamakodynamic study requirements.

No clinical studies were done for multiple doses per month but physicians speculate that repeated doses could result in toxicity (poisoning) due to accumulation of the drug in the body.

RU-486, ella’s drug “cousin,” has been responsible 6 deaths in the United States since gaining approval in 2000.

Could ella cause an abortion?

Yes, as demonstrated above, ella prohibits the human embryo from implanting in the mother’s uterus. The lack of nutrients and protection supplied by the mother to the developing human uterus will cause the destruction of the new human life.

Could ella affect my baby if I am pregnant?

How could ella affect my body?

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